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Power Panel Panel

  • Log into the power panel to manage your email boxes, setup mail forwarding, auto-responders and Anti-Spam.
  • Get details of your remaining diskspace and bandwidth. FTP details. Manage your SQL Database. Views logs and install CGI scripts.
  • Raise support tickets
  • Change your passwords

WebMail  email

  • A clean web mail interface.


Customer Support

If you have web hosting or have registered a domain name with us, and have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate via the Power Panel support ticketing system or to contact us on this email:

All our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, so in the event of an outage, a member of staff is alerted to the issue allowing us to resolve the issue as quickly as possible to minimise any downtime.

If you want to order a new account, and have any questions, please direct them to our sales department:

Software Links

Useful software links :

FileZilla - an FTP program to upload your pictures and web content

- Notepad++ - A text editor on steriods


Stuck? Need help!? We wrote a few tutorials to help you with your web hosting accounts, from setting up emails, to uploading your web site.

Managing Mailboxes Using Outlook Express

How can I change my .UK domain to WebMarcIT?

Nominet requires that changes in domain ownership be handled between the Registrant and Nominet directly.  Your current domain provider can assist you, the Registrant, but WebMarcIT itself does not get involved with this process.

Contact your current provider and ask them to change the IPSTAG or Registrar Tag to DAILY.




Useful Links:

We have gathered a few links for you, covering many programming languages, to help you out if you're stuck with your web site.

- CGI Scripts - All CGI related stuff, includes a large database of CGI scripts, and tutorials.
- Java Scripts - A site dedicated to javascripts, includes loads of scripts.
- PHP Resource - A PHP based site offering alot of free PHP scripts, and tutorials.
- PHP Builder - A PHP resource site dedicated to PHP developers.
- PHP Freaks - A PHP community site with daily additions.
- Script Search - Site dedicated to scripts, source codes and tutorials for php, cgi and alot more languages!
- Hot Scripts - Another large online database dedicated to hosting many scripts for cgi, php and alot more! - Google - Use the search engine to search for any script you want for your site and much more!


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