Outlook Express Tutorial

Please note: Before you can configure any mail client to send/receive your email, you must have first actually created an email mailbox in your Daily Control Panel. If you have not done so already, please see the following article Creating Email Boxes

Cannot get your email to work? Don't worry, we are here to help you, follow the steps and you will be up and running in no time!

The first thing you will need to do, is to actually add an email account on your Web-Mania Account. You can do this, by login into the control panel on the left side of this page. Once you're logged in, go to: 
  Manage Hosting > Manage Email > POP3 Accounts > Add New POP Account

1. To begin with, you need to have an email client such as Microsoft Outlook Express installed on your PC - This comes free with any Windows platform, or you can download it from Microsoft.com. Once you have the program installed, run it and follow to next step.

2. Once you opened Outlook Express, you should see a screen like this one:

(click to enlarge)

A) This box represents your email folders, you can go into inbox, to read messages, or check the sent messages on "Sent Items".

B) This section represents all of the emails, so on Inbox, it should display all the emails you received, and on "Sent Items" it should display all emails sent.

C) This shows a preview of the email before you open it, incase its something you dont want to read, you can just preview it, and then delete it.

3. Now since you got the feel of the program, lets go and create a new email account. Click on top tab: Tools ยป Accounts You should be prompted with a new window, like this one:

(click to enlarge)

Click on "Add" and then "Email" to add a new email account, once you clicked on that, you should be prompted with a new screen to setup your account, example:

(click to enlarge)

Display Name : Once you send an email, this will be displayed on whoever received the email as "from who".

4. Once you entered your display name, click next and you should be prompted with this:

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Email Adress: This is the actual email address of your email you setup on Web-Mania control panel. Make sure its lowercase, as you wont be able to receive any emails!

5. Next step will display email server settings:

(click to enlarge)

Make sure you have the correct info:

Incoming mail server: pop.daily.co.uk
Outgoing mail server: mail.daily.co.uk

6. Final step, once you filled out the server incoming and outgoing settings, you will be prompted with this screen:

(click to enlarge)

Account Name: *IMPORTANT* - this must be the same as your email account, with the .com at the end, otherwise you will be rejected while checking for emails!

Password: The password of your email account.

After you clicked next, change the properties of the account. Clicking on the Servers tab and making sure that "Outgoing Mail Server authentication is ticked.

The Advanced tab 

If you connect to the Internet using either AOLBT Internet or Orange, then please change the number in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) box from 25 to 587. If you do not connect with either of these ISP's, then you can leave this section alone unless you experience any problems in sending.