Domain Registration


Domains from £7.50* per year

At we understand the importance of registering your domain name as early as possible. Many of our customers find it harder to register their first choice as they have already been registered by others.

If you have not registered your company or product name on the Internet, we urge you to do this now.

The benefits of owning your own domain name.



      • You will have a "natural" email and Web address (this also requires web hosting)
      • You will have protected it (like a trademark no-one else can use it)
      • Interested parties will be able to find and contact you intuitively so increasing the number of useful contacts.
      • You will have a unique email address
      • Your email address can stay with you for good. (Which ever internet service provider you use)

We charge £15 to register .com .net and .org domains per year, £15 for .uk domains per 2 year period and £30 per 2 year period for .biz and .info domains. If you decide to transfer hosting to us with your domain name,, and domains can be transfered for free.  For all other CentralNIC domains and Top Level domains like .com, .info and .net there is a small transfer fee of £5 charge 

 * £7.50 a year based on registering a £15 for 2 years Noninet .uk domain