Design Service

A website in now as vital to your company's image as any traditional advertising.

If you are already internet savvy and just want us to host the content and provide you with spam and virus protected emaill for just £35 per year, thats great. Buy a hosting package for your domain name and use an FTP client to upload your content. Login to the customer zone and find your FTP site, user name and password details : PowerPanel Login

However, creating a professional looking web site is only half the battle, you also have to optimise it for search engine performance, get it online and keep it up-to-date. That's why can offer additional services to make sure your online presence is as efficeint as possible. We can take care of all of that for you from designing the site, writing the words, keeping it up to date, providing monthly stats.


For an extra  £35 we will set up a 5 page template content management website which you can simply change the text and pictures on the site using an "office" type tool bar. No software downloads or programming experience is required.

Search Engine Optomisation (SEO)

For £30 we can manage keywords on your site and help make sure that the words you use online are as close as possible to the ones that customers use to search. We will help describe your business thoroughly and accurately so it’s easier for search engines to pick you out, and place you further up the search results. With the addition of a link through our portal, your website will be discovered much quicker by search engines.